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If you have any questions about our services that are not answered here then please get in touch using the contact us page.


How long will my order take?

I aim to deliver within 7-10 days, but if a lot of orders come in it will be longer.  You will know when I am working on your order because the status in your account will be changed from pending to processing.


How long do I have to get edits done?

Edits must be submitted back to me within seven days of delivering a draft.  After this time the job will be marked as complete and no edits will be honoured.


Will my Web 2.0 content be indexed?

That is up to you in all honesty. I create a Web 2.0 site for you and upload the content.  It's then up to you and Google as to if it gets found and indexed.  Try building links to it (or just order a linkboost from me), tweeting it, pinging it, and submitting the URL to places, to encourage the googlebot to come visiting.  What you should know is that NOTHING guarantees that google will find or want to index your content, and this applies to ANY website or URL.

You should also be aware that even if the site does not appear to be indexed (you can't find it searching in Google) that does not mean it isn't queued up for inclusion, and it does not mean the link within the Web 2.0 is not now included in your link profile (Google's data on all the links pointing at your main site).

Also please note that just because my aged Tumblr accounts have existing PA, that does not mean they are indexed or more likely to be.  It just means they already have existing links pointing at that URL when I reclaimed it from a deleted Tumblr account, it has nothing to do with getting the new content indexed, but it does mean that if it is then you potentially have a more powerful link.

Why are the blog articles not completely on topic, they mention the keyword topic but also other things?

This is a real email question, and my response:

just a quick question.
I had to give you one keyword and 2 related keywords.
I gave you these: SEO, Internet marketing and another one.
And now the blog is about a woman who talks about her kids and painting her house and SEO.
That does not make a lot of sense I guess.
Can you explain that?
And the tumblr account has a PA of 30 but no TrustFlow whatsoever.


It makes total sense.  A lot more sense than creating something that will get deleted.

If you were a manual reviewer, and you looked at a blog created that was keyword spam articles about SEO and the only link out was to an SEO site, you'd say spam and hit delete right?

My blogs look natural, with real stories, you would not delete that blog, and it's why I have never had a report of a blog being deleted.

The blog has relevance within the keyword article, more than enough, plus each support article adds relevance and links back to the keyword article, building the relevance, but weaved within a natural bloggers story.

From my sales page where you ordered:

" I will create 6 x 350+ word articles.  Each will be original, conversational and interesting.  The sort of thing a real blogger would write."

As for trustflow, I never mentioned trustflow in my sales page, it's not a metric I advertise as using, just that I use PA30+ blogs.

I hope that answers your questions.



Why can't I see all the content??

Please read the sales page.  It clearly states that content is DRIPFED over two weeks, so initially only the about me page, trustbuilding article, and for Tumblr sites, the keyword article will be live.  Please also see the wiring diagram on the same page to see how internal linking is set-up. 


Will my links get found by Google or not and will they all get found at once?

Your links may not all get found by Google.  Some will, some won't.  We recommend pinging your link URLs (we supply a report you can use)Your links will not all get found at once and penalize your site.  Links can take weeks and months to get found by search engines, even if all created on the same day.  Plus we dripfeed your link creation over 10 days to minimize any fears.