All orders are final.  There are no refunds due to the intangible nature of our services. 

If you are unhappy with our work, then drop us an email explaining why and we will try to correct it for you.

We aim to deliver orders within 7 days but please allow longer at busy/holiday times.  We will try to notify you of delays.


Web 2.0 content will be 350+ words of content, up to a maximum of 400-450 words per article. Other content to a minimum word count or specification as outlined on the relevant sales page.

Time limit on re-writes

If a draft writing order is not returned with feedback for a re-write within 10 days of delivery the order will be closed.  We do this because we have a long work queue and cannot go back to do re-writes weeks after the last draft has been delivered.

Dead Accounts

If a Web 2.0 or other account we create is not indexed, is closed or any content deleted by the bloghost/owners then we will NOT reupload the content or create you a new account.  We cannot verify if it is your actions from adding more content, or some other action that got it deleted, so we won't do the uploading work twice.  You get a copy of the content with your order, which you can upload and schedule yourself on a newly created account that you create yourself.

Linkboost indexing

We cannot guarantee that pointing a linkboost at your Web 2.0 content will get it indexed.  Only Google can guarantee that.  There is no refund if the content is still not indexed after a Linkboost is applied, but we CAN assist with advising on strategies to get it indexed.

We cannot guarantee ranking changes with a linkboost or a Web 2.0 site containing your link.  Again, this is out of our hands and is down to Google.